My name is <Ellis Trautman> and I started this site, on the inspiration of my Mother Jean [Rothnie] Trautman.

I set about building my mothers Rothnie blood line of relations. 

Over the last 7 years i've researched & found not only records of ancestors, but living people too. In 2015 i visited NE Scotland, the land of my forefathers, & met these folk personally.

I also visited a Croft [small farm] which held significance in that it was the home to early Rothnies from early 1800s, & remained in the family line for over 150 years till 1986. My visit was an almost spiritual experience to wander through & photograph where the ancestors lived.

This notice is to advise of my mothers, Jean [Rothnie] Trautman, death at 101 years of age.

At 101 years it would be safe to say she was one of the oldest of her family tree till now. Now sadly departed & missed deeply. 


jan. 15, 2019
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