Welcome to the Pedersen - Rasmussen Family Tree!  This tree is a work in progress detailing the ancestry of my dad, James Alden Rasmussen.  Currently, the majority of the family information posted is his maternal line, that of his mother, Leona Margot Pedersen Rasmussen.  After selecting the family tree, you can access his father's line by selecting Arthur Laurs Rasmussen from the drop down menu on the right.

Both of my dad's parents were children of immigrant parents.  Our family history is a rich heritage of the culture and history of our family in Denmark, mixed with the incredible stories of the decision to leave the mother country and settle in a strange and foreign place halfway around the world.  That is what fascinates me!  

I'm proud to be American, but I am also very proud of my Danish roots.  

If you're in our family tree, please feel free to click on the Activities tab along the top of the page, then select Message Boards.  There, you can add a family story to share.  I'll be adding the stories I've heard from family members as I've started this family history search project.  

Let's preserve our family history and heritage.   

sep. 12, 2018
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aug. 22, 2018
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aug. 11, 2018
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aug. 05, 2018
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